The Society at present has the following members to steer its activities
Prof. Sanjay Gupte, Pune, India, OG Secretary General
Prof. Alex Vidaeff, Texas, USA Chairman of the Steering Committee
Prince Avtandil Chkheidze, Senior Advisor of the Steering Committee
Prof. Sabaratman Arulkumaran, UK, Senior Advisor of the Steering Committee
Prof. C.N. Purandare, India, Senior Advisor of the Steering Committee
Prof. Aris Antsaklis, Athens Greece, OG President 2013
Prof. Masao Nakabayashi, Tokyo, Japan, OG President 2014
Prof. Alexander Papitashvili, Georgia, OG President 2015
Prof. Gregory Rice: Australia: Steering Committee Member
Prof. Asim Kurjak, Zagreb Croatia, Steering Committee Member
Prof. Girija Wagh, Pune, India, Steering Committee Member since 2010
Prof. Aiyse Kafkasli, Istanbul,Turkey, OGPresident 2011
Prof. Noroyano Wibowo,Jakarta Indonesia, OG President, 2012
Prof. Panos Antsaklis, Athens, Greece, Steering Committee Member since 2013
Prof. Shigeru Saito, Japan, Steering Committee Member
Prof. LorellaBattini, Italy, Steering Committee Member
Prof. Ioan Muntea, Romania, Steering Committee Member
Prof. Hema Divakar, India, Steering Committee Member
Prof. Anton Mikhailov, Russia, OG President 2017

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