1. Country wide chapters of Organisation Gestosis being established
  2. Establishing & monitoring Eclampsia Registry in various countries as per the requirement
    (Already established in two countries)
  3. Disseminating knowledge of Preeclampsia (Gestosis) amongst the populace in various countries
  4. Preparing & helping in implementation of various protocols of treatment amongst the obstetricians of various countries
  5. To disseminate information to the medical and lay personnel and to the public
  6. Foster research, preventive health care and therapy
  7. Conduct workshops, group discussions, symposia and study groups on topics like pathological edema, pathological proteinuria andhypertension, cytology, serum proteins, psychiatric
    aspects of ΕΡΗ -Gestosis, etc
    Thus helping to reduce mortality & morbidity related to Gestosis around the globe
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