Our mission is to develop health care solutions for the early detection and complication prevention in pregnancy hypertension with eclampsia eradication as a first step. We work as a member body of the OGASH the Organisation Gestosis dedicated to the abnormal pregnancy especially due to Hypertension.

The World Congress of Gestosis was first held in 2010 in Pune( The 43rd meeting ) and that sowed the seeds of the Gestosis Movement in the country.

We had already started the National Eclampsia Registry by then (August 2008). We intend to increase our scope within the country and amongst the fraternity and stake holders. The Chapter will operate independently in India to update its members, to initiate research and, to educate women about pregnancy, nutrition, immunization, delivery and care of the child. Many regions in the world are in a similar situation, and we hope to bring this special effort to other countries too. Indonesia, Turkey, Abudhabi, Phillipines are already active coworkers. We believe that Eclampsia can be entirely eradicated and many mothers saved. We want many stakeholders to be a part of this organization and join hands in the Mission to eradicate Eclampsia and in turn reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality.

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